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SA Stud Book Presentations at Alfa Expo 2018

SA Stud Book Presentations at Alfa Expo 2018

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# Name Description
1. Alfa Elite Suiwel Punte Elite Suiwelboer
2. Beef Cattle Breeding Technologies Japie van der Westhuizen
3. Commercial application of genomic selection Donagh Berry
4. Developments and applicaton of breeding objectives Donagh Berry
5. Feed Efficiency Small Stock Siebert Vermeulen
6. Logix Genetiese Ontledings Dr. Bobbie van der Westhuizen
7. Presiese voeding by Skou/Veiling & Stoetdiere Hinner Koster
8. SA Stamboek Genomic Technologies Joggie Briedenhann
9. SA Stud Book Elite Small Stock Herd Awards Herman Labuschagne
10. Sensible application and Genomic Technology Poena van Niekerk
11. Unravelling the Genome of Farm Animals André Eggen
12. Value of Feed Intake Test and Accreditation Nick Serfontein

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