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SA Stud Breeder Issue 21

SA Stud Breeder Issue 21

SA Stud Breeder is a service by SA Stud Book to all of its member stud breeder societies in the livestock industry. The journal supplies member organisations with semi-scientific and scientific information relating to the stud breeding industry in SA



Stud Breeding - What role will pure breeds play in our future? - 4
Small Stock - The genetic parameters for milk yield and composition in Saanen dairy goats - 8
Genetics - Genetics and meat quality - what does the future hold? - 12
Stoetteling - Verbeter die prestasie van jou stoetdiere se nageslag deur QTL's - 21
Game Farming - The price of game farming - is it good for conservation? - 28
Landboupersoonlikheid - Louw Badenhorst - van dokter tot Bonsmara-koning - 32
Cookery - 37
Book reviews - 39
Milk Recording - 41
Kleinvee - 43
Beef Recording - 44

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SA Stoetteler Uitgawe 21
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