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SA Stud Breeder Issue 8

SA Stud Breeder Issue 8

SA Stud Breeder is a service by SA Stud Book to all of its member stud breeder societies in the livestock industry. The journal supplies member organisations with semi-scientific and scientific information relating to the stud breeding industry in SA



SA Stud Book centenary 2005 - 5
Aangepaste voedingstandaarde vir melkkoeie - 6
As the baton is passed - 12
Bytende muggies - klein maar gevaarlik - 16
State of the nation - 23
Genetic disorders of horses and how they are inherited - 28
Dynamic passion for pigs guides his life - 34
Infectious diseases affecting reproduction - 39
Hoekom groenvoer verbou? - 44
Just for the love of it - 49
Grilled kudu fillet with aubergines and gremolata sauce - 55
Real Time Ultrasound (RTU) scanning of cattle - 59
The effect of somatic cell counts on milk production in SA Jersey cattle - 61
Waarom meet? - 63
Replacing the breeding animals in a commercial pig herd - 64

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