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SA Stud Breeder Issue 6

SA Stud Breeder Issue 6

SA Stud Breeder is a service by SA Stud Book to all of its member stud breeder societies in the livestock industry. The journal supplies member organisations with semi-scientific and scientific information relating to the stud breeding industry in SA



UIF provides peace of mind - 6
Is melk net melk of steek daar meer in? - 10
Prioriteite met veldbestuur in die Karoo - 16
New entries into old markets - 20
Breeds, brands and marketing - 24
Sowing the seeds of GM controversy - 33
Die goeie Doktor (Dr. QP Campbell) - 40
Gemengde boerdery van wild en vee - 44
Today's meat meets all requirements - 49
Hoe om jou beeste tuis te laat voel - 55
Waiting for the hammer to fall - 61
Pennells Thanks: Watering Africa's gardens - 65
Pannar: Sowing the seeds of the future - 68
Roasted chicken with herbs - 71
Breed and herd averages - 75
Linear classification in beef cattle - 77
Veldramklubs - 'n moet vir teler en koper - 79
Biosecurity and pig breeding in South Africa - 80

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