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SA Stud Breeder Issue 5

SA Stud Breeder Issue 5

SA Stud Breeder is a service by SA Stud Book to all of its member stud breeder societies in the livestock industry. The journal supplies member organisations with semi-scientific and scientific information relating to the stud breeding industry in SA



The wheel turns - 4
'n Alternatiewe veldbestuurstelsel vir soetgrasveld - 10
Befondsing van landboubedrywe - 14
When two worlds converge - 19
Die groei van sportperde in Suid-Afrika - 27
Shelter for that rainy day - 33
A remarkable man (Dr. JH Hofmeyr) - 39
When prevention is better than cure - 42
Identify your livestock - for life - 48
GMG Powers the people - 51
Shepherd's pie - 55
Test-day models for SA dairy cattle genetic evaluations - 59
Feedlot profitability index value based on breeding values - 61
The national game database - 63
Eggs 2000 (TM): Computerised egg production in full swing - 64

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SA Stoetteler Uitgawe 5
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