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SA Stud Breeder Issue  1

SA Stud Breeder Issue 1

SA Stud Breeder is a service by SA Stud Book to all of its member stud breeder societies in the livestock industry. The journal supplies member organisations with semi-scientific and scientific information relating to the stud breeding industry in SA



Growing profits the organic way - 4
SA's emerging farmers - 10
The Alpaca - Breed of opportunity - 16
Identifikasie laat veediewe aan die pen ry - 20
Hugo de Villiers: Van krag tot krag - 24
Horsing around - 29
If you've got IT - 33
Inligtingsbestuur in die stoetveebedryf - 39
Feed dry cows for milk - 43
Supplying the world with bloodstock - 49
Beef steak Cajun style - 55
Milk recording and improvement in South Africa - 59
The National Beef Cattle Improvement Scheme - Your partner for performance - 61
The South African National Small Stock Improvement Scheme - 63
Pig breeding in South Africa: Quo vadis? - 64

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SA Stoetteler Uitgawe 1
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