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Registration recording services

Registration recording services

As Registering Authority, Stud Book’s core business is the recording of births, parentage and ownership.

Stud breeders have to record all births with an unique identification number, birth date and parents in the name of a specific owner, who must be a member of the applicable Breeders’ Society (except with direct entry breeds).

All births, alive or dead, have to be recorded for the purpose of the reproduction record of the dam.

Without these information, no further recording such as the recording of production data, is meaningful. As comprehensive pedigrees as possible are furthermore necessary for genetic analyses.

The recording of births is subject to parentage verification by the relevant Registering Authority, as well as to certain biological norms as indicated by the Animal Improvement Act and certain breed specific minimum requirements as prescribed in the various Society’s Constitutions.

Birth notifications are submitted to Stud Book in prescribed format, electronically or on hard copy.

Some Breeders’ Societies register their animals at birth while the majority initially only record the births and only register the animals after a physical inspection.





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