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Logix Game

Logix Game

At present, 42 different game species can be recorded in Logix Game. Sub-species, bloodlines and colour variants are also accommodated.

Structure of Logix Game

As game breeding is still relatively new, breeders need to record pedigree information and all births. All information recorded during darting events, including all horn measurements, is recorded and stored on Logix Game. Horn traits include horn length, horn base, horn boss, horn rings, horn tip length, tip to tip and spread.

Requirements for participation in Logix Game

Animals must be individually identified. Breeders require internet access. Data is submitted directly to Logix Game, or by e-mailing the back-up file of any compatable farm management program, to Logix.

Management reports

  • Three and five generation pedigree reports
  • Certificate with three generation pedigree and all recorded information
  • Progeny Reports (Sire and Dam progeny),
  • Herd Reports: inventory list, per capita lists, birth notification lists and various reproduction reports.
  • Sales catalogues with photos and DNA
  • As soon as adequate data is available, breeding values for horn measurements will be supplied.
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