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Logix Pigs

Logix Pigs

Information on reproductive traits, environmental and genetic trends, carcass data, visual appraisal data and inter- and intra-breed inbreeding coefficients are collected with production recording of pigs. Genetic improvement and artificial insemination (AI) have become synonymous with all domesticated livestock species, including pigs.

Structure of Logix Pigs

Farm tests

The on-farm traits that are being monitored are number of piglets born alive, litter weight at 21 days, test period daily weight gain, back fat thickness (T2/3), feed conversion ratio, and Rand Value Index. The on-farm tests start on a set weight (live weight between 25 and 32 kg), and finish on a set weight (live weight ≥ 86 kg and ≤ 120 kg).

Requirements for participation in Logix Pigs

Breeders require internet access. Data is submitted electronically to Logix Pigs via any compatable farm management program.

Management reports

Genetic evaluation reports are prepared annually during March for all participating herds and Estimated Breeding Value lists are sent to breeders on a monthly basis.

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