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Logix Beef

Logix Beef

The objective of Logix Beef is to supply beef cattle farmers with value-adding management information to improve management practices, and to supply beef cattle farmers with objective performance information and breeding values in order to identify and select the best performing animals. This information can be used to improve the biological and economic efficiency of beef production.

Structure of Logix Beef

Logix Beef covers all components of the production process, namely:

Farm tests

  • Reproduction: Fertility and ease of calving traits of cows and bulls are evaluated by means of mating and calving data. AI and embryo flushing data are also recorded.
  • Pre-weaning/weaning weights: Mothering ability and efficiency of the cows, as well as the pre-weaning growth rate of their calves, are evaluated by means of the cows’ weights and their calves’ pre-weaning and weaning weights.
  • Post-weaning weights: Post-weaning growth rate of young heifers and bulls are evaluated under normal farming conditions according to their weights at the ages of 12 and 18 months.

Growth tests

  • Central growth tests (optional)
    Post-weaning growth rate and efficiency of young bulls are evaluated by means of growth tests under standardised conditions at central bull testing centres. The individual feed intake of each bull is also measured, making it possible to evaluate feed efficiency by recording individual feed intake.
  • Farm growth tests (optional)
    Post-weaning growth rate of young bulls is evaluated by means of growth tests under controlled conditions on farms.

Logix Beef also makes provision for measuring of:

  • Condition scoring of cows in the reproduction test,
  • Body measurements (shoulder height, body length and scrotum circumference), linear classification and real-time ultrasound (RTU) scanning measurements for evaluating certain carcass and beef quality traits in the post-weaning growth tests, and tick counts.

Requirements for participation in Logix Beef

All stud breeders and commercial producers of beef and dual-purpose cattle may participate in Logix Beef. All that is needed is a reliable cattle scale and basic handling facilities. Moreover, all animals in the herd must be identified and calves recorded at birth (as required for stud breeding).

SA Stud Book recommends that the following data/weights be recorded where possible:

  • Mating lists and AI data (optional)
  • Calving data (compulsory)
  • Birth weights (optional)
  • Weaning weights (compulsory)
  • Cow weights (optional)
  • 12- and/or 18-month weights (optional)

Participation in at least the reproduction and wean test is compulsory. Participation in all the post-weaning growth tests is optional. Some breeders’ societies constitutionally compel their members to participate in Logix Beef. The recording of mating data is also strongly recommended.

Management reports

The following management reports can be obtained from Logix Beef to support breeders:

  • Various reproduction reports
  • Weaning, 12-month and 18-month weight reports
  • Cow progeny summary report
  • Weight lists
  • Breeding herd selection report
  • Growth test reports
  • Performance reports
  • Body measurement report
  • Functional efficiency report
  • RTU measurements report
  • Herd genetic report

Downloadable Documents

# Name Description
1. Guidelines for on-farm bull growth tests *.pdf formaat (957kb)
2. Guidelines for using Logix (in Afrikaans) Microsoft Word .doc format (23kb)
3. Production Recording *.pdf formaat (833kb)
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