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SADairyBulls.com is a revolutionary independent mating programme designed for Holstein, Jersey and Ayrshire breeders participating in Logix Milk.

SADairyBulls.com has been around for more than a year. This easyto- use, globally accessible search engine and female selection web-based system, enables all users to compare artificial insemination (AI) and other bulls with cows in the herds of Logix Milk participants on exactly the same comparative basis.

All this is made possible due to SA Stud Book’s Genetic Evaluation Services and participation in global dairy evaluations offered by Interbull.

Breeding made easy

Breeding has never been easier! Practically any user of SADairyBulls.com can set requirements for the genetic merit of females in a herd, based on a combined economic selection index or value (reflecting the income and expenses in the herd), and search globally for bulls that will lead to the best mating on these females.

The system makes it possible to compare apples with apples, as the genetic merit of all animals, irrespective of country of origin, is directly comparable with that of local cows, heifers and bulls. Two of the main steps for successful breeding have therefore been met, namely the setting of breeding objectives and ranking (seeking animals conforming to these) of all animals according to these objectives. The third and final step, applying optimal mating plans to achieve these goals while restricting the narrowing of genetic diversity of the resultant progeny, now forms part of SADairyBulls.com.

Unique application

What makes the application of all the functionalities of selection and breeding by SADairyBulls.com unique?

  • All animals are compared on exactly the same genetic level, that of the South African basis, irrespective of country of breeding and birth.
  • All calculations of relationships among animals are based on complete recorded pedigree information, both on Logix for local animals as well as the pedigree information obtained from Interbull and other international collaborators for foreign animals.
  • Comparisons among animals are based on their genetic merit and not phenotypes.

Follow these easy steps to use SADairyBulls.com:

  • Identify suitable local and international bulls (incorporating the complete Interbull database) through fast, user-friendly search facilities.
  • Assess inbreeding, breeding values and mating results based on the South African scale – directly comparable to your herd’s genetic levels.
  • Make use of existing breed-specific selection indices or customise your own index.
  • Apply trusted calculations for inbreeding based on complete pedigree information as well as best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) breeding values, incorporating genomic information.
  • Find optimum matings from available bulls and females to:
    •  Achieve your breeding objective.
    • Limit, or even reduce, inbreeding in your herd.


Register online at www.SaDairyBulls.com or contact us:
Western Cape – Chanelle 072 836 4108
Eastern Cape – Isolde 079 407 2708
Free State – Rampie 083 631 6040
KwaZulu-Natal – Thalia 071 493 1111
Northern provinces – Thalia 071 493 1111


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