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Logix Animal Recording Services

Logix Animal Recording Services

The Logix system is a collection of databases and programmes that addresses the needs for animal recording for a wide spectrum of stakeholders in the livestock industry. From breeders and owners of purebred animals, to the staff of Breeders’ Societies, performance and recording agencies, National and Provincial government institutions, advisors and consultants and related industry organizations.

Animal recording made easy

  • Data from the farm and animals are converted to useful and functional management information.
  • Farming programs can exchange data directly with the system via Logix.
  • Specialist advice that focus on every herd’s unique needs.
  • The generic merit of your herd and individual animals are available on the web in management reports and sales catalogues. It can be easily incorporated.
  • Continuous developments and enhancements for a dynamic and modern system.

We make a difference

  • All recording services and reports are kept in one organisation
  • Industry owns and operates the system so the needs of the farmer is addressed directly.
  • World-class Research & Development capacity: our researchers are registered at SANASP. It ensures that you receive professional and scientific services.
  • International cooperation with other world leaders in the field of breeding and genomic selection.
  • Collaborating with the University of Pretoria and other local universities and research institutions.
  • Specialised courses and training where the most recent information and technology are directly introduced to farmers.

Cost Effective and Efficient service delivery

  • We provide a full range of services including technical advice, professional services, technology transfer and all data services.
  • Transparent cost structure that includes all services, reports and opinions.
  • Dedicated, enthusiastic staff who are really interested in your business.



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