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Dog Breeders' Societies

Dog Breeders' Societies

Boerboel Alliance - <b>Address:</b> Nigeria<br>
<b>E-mail:</b> <a href='mailto:office@boerboelalliance.org'>office@boerboelalliance.org</a>

Boerboel Alliance

Address: Nigeria
E-mail: office@boerboelalliance.org
Contact: Omoniyi Ewete
Boerboel Owners Club Australia - <b>Address:</b> Australia<br>
<b>E-mail:</b> <a href='mailto:boca@boerboelownersaustralia.com.au'>boca@boerboelownersaustralia.com.au</a>

Boerboel Owners Club Australia

Address: Australia
E-mail: boca@boerboelownersaustralia.com.au
Contact: Sharon Garoufalis
Telephone: 0425 376 152
Boerboel UK Society - <b>Address:</b> United Kingdom<br>
<b>E-mail:</b> <a href='mailto:boerboeluk@gmail.com'>boerboeluk@gmail.com</a>

Boerboel UK Society

Address: United Kingdom
E-mail: boerboeluk@gmail.com
Contact: Sandra Brownlie

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