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Definitive decision-making is one of the first principles of goal setting. This concept is especially true for livestock breeding. In short: Decide what you want to decide and then set a proper goal and the detailed minimum requirements any potential breeding animal should meet in order to qualify as parent of the next generation.

A quick and easy route to follow is determining the minimum requirements needed for a bull and/or cow (or heifer) by using SABeefBulls.com. A beef cattle farmer – stud or commercial – can therefore ensure that the bull in his/her breed of choice found through such a search, accurately meets his/her genetic requirements.

Choose the right animals

As soon as realistic requirements have been set, any breed of bull meeting those requirements can be found through SABeefBulls.com.

Different bulls can then be compared, and an offer can be made to the owner of the right bull. Stud breeders who use the SABeefBulls.com breeding module can set goals and minimum requirements for each female animal, and can cull those that do not make the grade.

Bull selection can be done within your own herd or across the entire breed. In this way you are able to determine which is the best of the

best, quickly bringing you closer to your goals and putting you on a new level of competitiveness.

SABeefBulls.com immediately shows you whether the right decisions were made.

Correct mating

The right breeding decisions ensure that goals are achieved without a sharp increase in the inbreeding of progeny. This can only be achieved if the genetic merit of all traits included in the breeding goals are considered, and the relationships between all breeding animals are accurate.

The SABeefBulls.com breeding module ensures optimal mating suggestions using the breeder’s goals in conjunction with the full pedigrees (even up to ten generations). Where multiple bull matings are considered, beef cattle breeders also have the option of putting together an optimal group of bulls.

Beef cattle breeders and producers who are serious about their future, all know how important the right selection and breeding decisions are. Utilising the right tools will allow for decisions that are not only easier to execute, but also afford peace of mind when it comes to the genetic value of progeny.


 - Figure 1: Inbreeding of each bull’s progeny: All possible combinations.

Figure 1: Inbreeding of each bull’s progeny: All possible combinations.

 - Fig 2: Breeding goal value of progeny and mother.

Fig 2: Breeding goal value of progeny and mother.

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