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Media Release - EXCO Election

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Two new members were elected to Stud Book’s Executive Committee (EXCO) at the Annual General Meeting held on 1 November 2018 in Bloemfontein.

The vacancies were the result of the retirement from EXCO by Dr Johan Jooste and Mr PW van Heerden. They are replaced by Messrs Pete Durham and Koos Vosloo. Pete Durham breeds Jersey cattle in KZN and is a former President of Jersey SA. Koos Vosloo is the current president of the Dohné Merino Breeders’ Society and farms in the Free State.

Mr Christopher Melamu, Bonsmara breeder from the Northern Cape was re-elected to EXCO for a new term of two years.


Exco Verkiesing

Front row left to right, Stud Book’s Executive, Messrs Michiel Burger, (treasurer), Freddie Wasserfall (president) and Russel Clark (vice president). Back row left to right, Messrs. Christopher Melamu and Carel Nel, dr. Japie van der Westhuizen (general manager) and Messrs Koos Vosloo, Peter Durham and Duncan Serapelwane.

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