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Excellent Services from Stemma Animalia's Secretariat

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Secretariat Services, in cooperation with SA Stud Book, was founded in 1958 under the leadership of JP du Plessis and included eight breeds. When these services were first established, it was based at the former Stud Book building in Aliwal Street, Bloemfontein. During that early period, the secretariat thrived and the number of breeds that were offered services increased to 21.

In 1973 it was decided to acquire an own premises, and the secretariat moved to another office in the same street where the entity was known as Pedstock Services/Stud Services. After JP du Plessis retired in 1987 and due to a confluence of economic circumstances, Stud Services experienced a slump which almost ended these services.

The services were, however, revived by Lettie Kruger, and in 1988 four breeds once again made use of secretariat services. In 1995 Stud Services were invited to move their offices to SA Stud Book's new building in Henry Street, Bloemfontein, and two more breeds were added to the list.

In 1995, Stemma Animalia (Pty) Ltd was founded, with SA Stud Book as the sole shareholder, affording the secretariat a secure place within the company. Since 1995 it has grown from six breeds to 25 in 2016.

Professional service

Over the past 21 years, the secretariat has successfully conducted business from the current SA Stud Book premises in Bloemfontein. The body is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide professional secretarial services to breeders’ societies that wish to source their administrative needs out, mainly for financial reasons.

The secretariat offers breeders’ societies an administrative office at a lower cost than operating their own would have cost. Shared services mean that costs are saved. Therefore it is possible for one secretary to provide services to more than one breed. Societies are grouped according to the number of breeders and animals in order to spread the workload evenly.

Main function

Several societies agree that they would not have been able to operate an office at the low costs offered by the secretariat. The main function of the

body is to manage the general and financial administration of societies as cost-efficiently as possible. The particular breeders’ society’s identity is retained, however.

All breeders’ societies making use of the services of the secretariat are annually invited to discuss its budget to ensure cost-efficiency and transparency.

Staff is the secretariat’s greatest asset. A general manager heads up the body and the finances are managed by a senior financial official with two assistants. There are currently 15 secretaries providing general secretarial services to 25 societies, which includes meetings.

Each society has a shared or single office with a computer, telephone and furniture, including office equipment such as printers, fax machines and copiers. Societies also have free access to modern facilities for meetings, which includes a well-equipped boardroom and kitchen.

Outsourcing of services

Outsourced specialist services can have exceptional results. However, the secretariat is aware of the key requirements which include:

Choice of a partner

  • The service provider must be able to provide uninterrupted service without subjecting the society to financial instability.
  • The service provider must be sensitive to the society’s needs and have its interests at heart at all times.


The highest confidentiality must be guaranteed at all times.


Outsourced service providers should meet the following requirements:

  • Financial stability.
  • Management expertise.
  • Expertise with regard to the services and an understanding of the societies’ business.
  • Independence.

There is enough evidence that the Stemma Animalia secretariat meets all the above requirements, considering their achievements of the past 21 years. Commitment is needed to provide efficient service to 25 breeders’ societies, and the secretariat is confident that they will continue offering reliable, honest and professional services to its clients.


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