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USA expert in Genetics and breeding speaker at Elite Symposium

USA expert in Genetics and breeding speaker at 2016 Voermol and Stud Book Elite Symposium  Go Back

Voermol / Stud Book Elite 2016 Breeding Symposium will take place next year on Wednesday, 4 May during the annual Bloem Show.  Prof. Darrh Bullock, Professor of Extension: Animal Genetics and breeding of the University of Kentucky in the United States will act as keynote speaker.

The main theme of the Breeding Symposium is: The use of appropriate tools in mating to maximize profit.

Other speakers that will be part of the programme, include:

  • Dr. John Becker, Centrum Manager for the African Centrum for Gene Technology, which the ARC, CSIR and the University of Johannesburg and Pretoria are directly involved in.
  • Dr. Lise Sandenbergh, a Scientist at the Department of Agriculture, Western Cape. She specializes in Sheep Genomics.
  • Ms Lydia Bosman, currently doing her PhD studies at the University of Pretoria, on the implementation of Beef Genomics.
  • Dr Japie van der Westhuizen, Manager: Production recording at SA Stud Book and recognized Geneticist in animal breeding ranks.

The symposium is presented in the form of speakers and a panel discussion at the end, where practical questions will be answered by experts.

The cost for the symposium is R550 per person and includes symposium materials, refreshments and a light lunch. Reservations already opened. Please contact Sherri at 051 410 0900 or email to sherri@studbook.co.za to reserve your place.

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